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A long-term pain and mandibular dysfunction can affect the quality of life, influencing oral health, chewing and talking. Patients with temporomandibular disorder pain need to have a fast, effective treatment providing short examination time which is available chair-side on reasonable prices.

With the Mihalyi Ultrasonography Measured Splint Therapy we provide an individual, not template therapy not to wait until the tolerance for pain is built up because it can cause irreversible consequences.

„ I have suffered from pain for many years, I have visited several dentists to help reducing my complains. Dr. Mihalyi offered me first an easy diagnostic procedure and therapy. From the first therapy week I felt relief, my headache started to disappear. When I was chewing, there was an annoying, painful click in my jaw, what was quieter, then disappear after 6 weeks. I am very happy with the team and the whole therapy.”